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Filming and Editing my First music Video

As you may already know, I love music. All types. And Ive always enjoyed photographing live performances, I mean who doesn't right? Ill spare you my rambling about cell phone concert photography for another blog post. In fact, we won't be discussing photography much at all here...

This is about creating a music video. This is a combination of multiple passions for me.

But video isn't necessarily something I practice much at all. Sure I dabble with my GoPro and iPhonex to capture personal experiences but Ive never offered video as a service nor considered myself a professional. So making this music video was an incredible challenge.

I can say that being a photographer helped me to compose some shots and pick locations etc, but I know that unlike photography, the composition moves and changes. Thats the hard part. Steady cameras moving a few feet or following a subject is so important. I don't currently have a stabilizer for my dslr, but I do have a gimbal for my iPhone X thanks to my lovely wife who gave it to me for christmas. But having a stabilizer and knowing how to use it well are 2 different things. So I found myself on this video shoot, following a subject and it was way harder than it seemed. I had only played with it in my home and reviewed the features. I did not prepare to know the functions of the gimbal as well as I know my camera. Meaning it was freezing out, time was of the essence and I had no idea what mode my gimbal was in. Id expect the controls to respond one way, and it was actually in a different mode and did the opposite of what I wanted to do and we had to start over.

Walking backwards through a crowded city street trying to get footage of an artist singing a song that you can't hear... video is wild. lol

Editing is another serious undertaking. Like my entrance to photography where I started with a consumer level dslr and said "When I reach its limits and need a better one, thats when Ill invest and upgrade." and that theory worked well. Now applying that to video editing, I made this music video on iMovie on my laptop. I assure you, videographers just let out a groan and I hope they keep reading. Because I hit the limits of iMovie pretty quickly. The trick is adding in all the different footage and having it line up to the music. I wanted to lay them out like you would audio tracks in a recording program, but iMovie only allows one main track, and one aux track. So trying to combine 30-40 different clips was enormously frustrating. So anyway, I will definitely be upgrading my video editing software and hopefully my mac as well!

The artist i worked with on this first music video project was my very talented brother in law, Stephen Masi. I help him in every way I possibly can because I think he's extremely talented. I play drums with him, photograph him, and now create music videos. Its all kind of been building to this in a way. The music scene is really hard, and nowadays the best way to capture peoples attention is with a video. It has a way of making people stay engaged and not multi-tasking while half listening or getting distracted. You simply gotta look at it and listen. I knew we needed to work towards video so we began to form a plan.

We shot a majority of the video in half a very cold day. I went down to philly and met him, we jumped on a train to center city, and basically just walked around and found a few locations near city hall that we liked and started shooting. We shot scenes of him singing, walking, we even shot a few time-lapses (which I commend Stephen for standing still for 10-15 mins straight in the freezing cold!) We then returned to Stephens home where we shot some more performance footage.

And that was pretty much a wrap. I shot my own performance footage of myself drumming at my own home at a separate time. So in this video you do not see us playing together, but thats ok as we will be recording another video soon and the 2 songs we are considering have more drums.

So I hope you enjoy the video. Aside from simply describing the challenges, I truly enjoyed this experience and can't wait to use what Ive learned on the next one!!

There will be more proper links to Stephen Masi and his music coming soon.

He can be found on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Instagram and always here as part of the

WidEye Family.

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