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A portrait experience

Today I was able to work on some portraiture! This to me is the kind of rare opportunity to take a photograph of a person in a situation where you control the lighting. My fiancé Laura was able to volunteer my services to her employer Vanguard Energy and update the staffs headshots. I was thankful and excited to setup my 3 remote flash setup and experiment! I rarely get time to do this, and it’s fun because you have complete control. So we began at 9:00 am today...

I setup a 3 light setup in the conference room, I used my Godox xpro trigger on my Nikon D750 to fire the 3 off camera speedlights and put on my 85mm 1.8. 

I don’t have a backdrop yet, but I’ll be getting some soon enough. The walls were a creamy yellow, bleh, I just accepted that I’d have to handle that in Lightroom later and got into it. And I shot 34 headshots, 4 departments (groups of 3-9 people), and a full staff photo (34 people).  When we got into the group portraiture I switched to my 28-80mm f2.8.  This experience taught me an important lesson in lighting control... these employees had a wide dynamic range as far as skin tones, and height/size differences.  I found myself needing to adjust my flash angles for peoples glasses, a few gentlemen were very tall, some ladies so so small! I began to see what’s nice about constant light setups instead of flash. You can probably just tell by how their face is lit and adjust without having to push a frame and adjust. Anyway, lights are expensive so I’d consider renting them for a gig like this or larger. 

The people in this company were super nice and it was really a great experience. 

I initially felt like this form of photography work lacks in creativity, but I was wrong about that. There’s plenty of room for creativity in corporate headshots! Plus... When you get to spend a day with great people like those I met today, and 1 by 1 get to see them smile, well... 

that was really nice.  

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