Philadelphia Eagles Parade

I've been an Eagles my whole life, and when they finally won the Super Bowl this year I knew the city of Philadelphia was going to erupt with joy. And it did. Last thursday I attended the parade/ceremony at the oval and witnessed, what I hear turned out to be around 750,000 people, come together and celebrate their World Champion Philadelphia Eagles. I parked in Fishtown at 8am and walked into this alone. I was excited to capture as much as I could of this day. I walked across the city, and as I went the sidewalks began to fill up with Eagles fans, the cheers and chants got louder, till crossing the barricade and the streets filled with fans all marching into the oval for a glimpse of their heroes. The turnout was incredible, which naturally causes some difficulties. I did not get a good location to photograph the parade itself, or the team, I instead was taken by this crowd, this joy that was in the air, the way the city responded to this victory.