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Donald Barnes

There's something about photography that has always interested me, capturing moments, harnessing the light, and finding the beauty and art in every adventure.  From pressing the shutter on my camera, to exporting a final edit to my computer, my passion for creating beautiful images grows with every image I create. Photography is a great creative outlet for me, I also enjoy playing drums and making music with friends. Creativity must come out!

I'm currently a student at the New York Institute Of Photography. 

I have a collection of professional quality equipment that enables me to control the light and composition to meet any of my needs.

I love shooting nature, and various forms of artistic photography. But I also am available to shoot events such as Weddings, Engagements, Portraits, and a passion of mine... Concerts!

If you are interested in buying full resolution prints, hiring me to capture your event or update your headshot, please send a message below.  Thanks! 

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